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    That sounds a lot like our summer! After getting the manuscript turned in back in May, I needed time to recover. We didn’t travel like I had originally planned this summer just because I had done so much during the winter and spring! I guess I didn’t have it in me. I’m on the fence about the routine. The oldest is heading into 4th and the youngest will be in kindergarten! I’m thrilled about having ALL DAY to myself but also nervous about the youngest being gone ALL DAY! That’s a super huge day–and not one that I would have been able to handle when I was his age. Sigh. But I do know that my writing time should greatly increase and that is rather exciting!


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    I’m deep in the dissatisfied chaos part right now–not enough time for anything. I’m delighted to learn that you and Jessica are in good places. That gives me hope and inspiration!


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