No time like the present

I love autumn.

I love the way it attacks all your senses at once, with rich variegated colors and light, and the crisp-smoky smell of campfires, and the daily arc from tingly-sharp cold to sun-toasted warmth and back again.

I am not a particularly domesticated Kat most of the year, but autumn brings out the Holly Homemaker in me.  I love picking out Halloween costumes. Love taking the kids trick-or-treating in Palmyra.  I love making pie.

I love pulling out my yarns and sitting curled up in a comfy chair crocheting something lovely, soft and warm.  Just finished up a shawl made of alpaca wool a friend gave me years ago. She gave me three big spools of it, and I haven’t done a thing with any of it till now because one thing I’ve learned from attending the Fiber Festival is that alpaca wool is CRAZY EXPENSIVE. So I’ve been too intimidated to use it.

But I am in the middle of some kind of transitional mid-life thing, where I am reflecting on the half of life I’ve finished and the other half I (hopefully!) still have in front of me. I don’t have any fine china, or we’d be using it and enjoying it. But I do have three spools of ridiculously costly yarn that didn’t actually cost me anything. So I’m using it.

What have you been saving for a special occasion?

I don’t know about you, but I think fall is glorious and beautiful enough to qualify.


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    I don’t save things for years waiting for that special day. I just save Crispin artisan ciders for spectacular meals. And I have some dresses/shoes that are way too hot for work, so they’re on the shelf waiting for an appropriate date night.

  2. Kat French

    Yeah… I have a pair of shoes that are not really work appropriate. In fact, I’m not sure they’re “leave the house” appropriate. I think there’s a difference between matching the “stuff” to the occasion, and being too intimidated by your stuff to actually use it, KWIM?

    If the stuff is THAT scary, why is it in your house freaking you out?


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    I think what I’ve been “saving” is cooking. Baguette is an active, inquisitive toddler who does not like to nap at home, so it’s very hard to do anything but supervise her. The result is that it’s hard to even do something like crock-pot meals. But I’ve been wresting some of that time from the weekends lately, and have made chili, potato-cheese soup, chicken chili verde, pumpkin bread, and apple bread. I really love cooking in fall–it’s my favorite season for that, with winter a close second.

  4. Kat French

    Tragic (BTW, best. blog title explanation. ever.) – I completely agree with you that fall is the best season for cooking. Especially soup and bread. Holy cats, your comment has made me hungry. I gotta grab some lunch now.

    Also, my offspring aren’t “OMIGOSH she’s about to take a header off the roof” toddler age anymore, but the tradeoff is that with school comes clubs and activities, and with clubs and activities comes “family calendar bingo.” Which is even less fun than the original Bingo I used to play with Grandma Lottie at the old folks apartment complex as a kid.


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