News You Can Use, or Useless News? You Decide.

lolcat_caption_contest__2A round-up of news items from the Grey Cottage:

  • Gifts of the Magi: A Speculative Holiday Collection is having a countdown sale. It will be just $0.99 till tomorrow, then $1.99 for a couple of days, and then $2.99 till Christmas. The book includes my story, “The Curious Case of the Cobbler’s Christmas,” which clears up what happened with Kit and Greta after Bitter Cold. With 14 different stories from different authors, that’s enough reading to carry you through a two-week Christmas break. So get on that?
  • Our friend Jerome, aka “Jermone,” completed the HVAC work on our new room remodel. This is exciting news. For one thing, it means my new bedroom is a lot warmer. For another, it means we can go ahead and install the rest of the fixtures in the new bathroom. YAY!!!
  • Continuing to work on my goals for 2015. Tentatively, my fiction work schedule for the year is looking like one Clockwork Republics book (Bete Noir, a retelling of Beauty & the Beast set in New Orleans), a new dieselpunk paranormal romance (working title, The Mummy’s Messenger), a humorous urban fantasy (working title, Dead Wood), and a big, ridiculous time-travel romance (working title, Lovers Leap).
  • There’s also a magical realism book, the third Belle Starr serial, a southern gothic mystery, and about a dozen shorts and flashes bouncing around in my head. So, it’s hard to say what will actually end up on the final list.

What’s new with you?

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