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    Hey Kat, this is interesting. I would never have made any kind of connection between Pressfield’s and Cameron’s material. At their heart I guess they both have a similar message, i.e. you gots to do the time in your chair to pull pages from thin air.

    In many ways I do not do a great job at self-care, especially for the past 5 months and my creative output flatlined. I’ve been getting it back in gear lately, though.

    I think Q would be an awesome creative guide… but darned annoying.

    1. Kat French

      Q from Star Trek? Intriguing choice. He is very…muse-like. And another connection between TAW and TWOA is the description of your internal creative adversary. Cameron calls it the Critic and Pressfield calls it Resistance, but it’s basically the same negative energy.


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