My Personal Bitchfest for the Day

I thought about this before I started to post this. Because some of the people I’m about to zing here know where my blog is. But to hell with it, I’m tired of dealing with other people’s bullshit in a polite, respectful way. This is my personal journal. MY personal journal. And I need to get this out of my system.

I may have mentioned that I’m an enneagram Type 4. We are, to put it mildly, a bit on the emotional side. We also tend to be The Outsiders. The Misfits. That Person who marches to the beat of a different drummer. Or whatever.

There are at least three other Fours in my group of friends and family, to whom I would just like to say, with all due respect and in complete sincerity:


Stop whining about how the world is out to get you. How fate done you wrong, wrong, wrong. How the world is so stinking unfair.

Take a big, painful look at yourself and your situations, and accept that you are there at least in part because YOU (yes, you) made choices. If you chose to be different than a lot of other people, stop freaking whining about being the outsider. And before you launch into am angry rhetoric about how it’s not your fault society doesn’t accept you for who you are, you could have chosen to pretend to be just like them. People do it every day. Gays stay in the closet to preserve their family relationships. People make their religious and political beliefs their personal business and NO ONE else’s. It’s a choice. You made it. Life ain’t fair. Get over it.

And yes, I’ve griped about my own misfit issues in regards to my family. I gripe–I don’t swim around in self pity till my fingers are pruny, get out, and not even bother to towel off before diving right back in again. And even if I did, it doesn’t make it any less irritating, or any better of a way to deal with the disappointments in life, when you do it.

No, life is not fair. Yes, incredibly sucky things that are totally beyond your control sometimes happen to you.

Welcome to a little state I like to call REALITY. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to deal with it too. And we also have to deal with your non-stop drama whoring on top of it. Yay us.

Make the best of things, or make the worst of things. Doesn’t really change things, does it?

It just changes YOU.

Now I am going to shower off this ickyness, and proceed through my day, attempting to behave like a responsible adult who recognizes that the only person who can make her life better is herself. I may even be undeservedly kind and considerate to some people. Or think about something BESIDES my own personal problems.

And I will end my day happier than you.

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