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    I own Captivating and Experiencing God if you’d like to borrow them. Two excellant reads!

  2. Bartlett

    At the risk of being battered nonsensical (in the metaphorical sense), I offer this appraisal… nay, observation…

    What you’re reading, they’re still manuals, right? Only, not computer related.

    What about fiction? Non “improvement” stuff? Just curious. 😉


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    Would it make you feel better if I told you I read a Charlotte Hughes/Janet Evanovich book over the summer? It’s not a deliberate thing, just can’t get into any of the fiction I’ve picked up lately.

    I was never a big murder mystery or sci-fi/fantasy fan. Romances… well, they just don’t have the same appeal the last five years or so. I suspect Jude Deveraux is having her stuff ghostwritten these days, because the last couple of her books I tried to pick up stunk up the room…

    And Oprah has just sucked all the elitist Four fun out of literary fiction.

    Any recommendations?

  4. Bartlett

    Alton Brown’s cook books are on my list right now, but I suppose they’re about the same as what you’re reading. Umm… I just finished one of David Sedaris’ books. It was ok. Wholly recommend Tom Wolfe’s A Man In Full. Good read. Umm… ok, yeah, that’ s it.

    So, what’s going on that requires all these heavy duty spiritual assists? (reference to your other post).


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    Daryn: Thanks! I already own Captivating, and I’ve got Experiencing God from the GCC library. Is EG a decent read, then? Actually, of your books, I’d kinda like to borrow Harry Potter 3…

    BTW, the new blog is gorgeous. (As is Jake, but you knew that already.) Did you or C design it, or did you use a template?

    Bart: Chris likes Alton Brown as well–he’s been trying to catch his new show, “Feasting on Asphalt.” But you’re right–same deal.

    As far as the spiritual assists goes, I think basically it’s the strain of not being indispensable to anyone right now. I’ve spent five years being everybody’s “Go-To Gal” at work, and now, nobody needs me. Chris is in a healthier place than I’ve ever seen him, which is a good thing, but again, I’m used to him “needing” me. I’m so used to “buying my oxygen” in the words of Twyla, that it feels uncomfortable to have no “currency” as it were.

    To alter a bit of Vivien Leigh, “I have never relied on the kindness of strangers.” Or loved ones, for that matter. I’ve always felt like I needed to “earn my keep.”

  6. Bartlett

    Ah! I see…

    Um, does it help if I say “We need you!” lol…

  7. ND

    I thought you had read Captivating! It was a little harder read for me than Wild at Heart, but the basic concepts are important.

    Once you’re into it you’ll understand this – we’re taking our granddaughter on a shopping trip to get some school clothes next week. Our daughter said, “She will probably want a skirt, but she’ll have to try it on to make sure it twirls.”

    I can’t wait to help find her one and tell her how special she looks in it.


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    I’ve read it. If you look carefully at the post, you’ll see it’s listed under “Revisiting/Refreshing.” 🙂

    Good luck with the shopping. Fortunately, right now there are a lot of very twirly styles in the stores. Got one or two, myself. 😉


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