My Life as a TV Trope

128298583190782500copycatSo, apparently there’s  this thing.

Let me back up a little first and say that I could lose entire days to TV Tropes. When you’ve watched and read as much genre stuff as I have, it’s sort of engrossing and awesome to see your entire life’s media preferences neatly categorized and cross-referenced like that.

Until you stumble upon the fact that you are apparently a cliche.

Technically, that’s not correct. Technically, there’s a difference between a trope and a cliche. But functionally, discovering that there is an entire character type that is 99 & 44/100ths percent accurate description of you feels like… discovering you’re a walking cliche.

Then layer on the fact that your personality type is oriented around being unique. It’s a blow to the self concept, assuming your self concept isn’t already so fluid that blows just sort of … blurb into them like a fist into a tub of orange marmalade.

It’s almost enough to make a girl (even a Manic Pixie Dream Girl) consider turning in her purple hair dye, giving up her adult Heely sneakers and stop mainlining RedBull while taking on insane and random personal challenges.

Almost. But not quite.

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