My Imaginarium Panel Schedule

This week, I’ll be a guest at the second annual Imaginarium Convention. If you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area and are interested in writing, publishing, gaming, indie film, cosplay or general nerdery, it is quite the worthwhile event.

The expo hall is free, but the ticket price is reasonable and there’s going to be over 100 expert panels on writing and publishing for a variety of genres, as well as tabletop games, a masquerade, a film festival, and other skullduggery.

In addition to hanging out in the expo hall, I will be on the following panels.

Building a Better Bad Guy.


Heroes are important, but a strong villain can make or break a story. Learn how to make your bad guys good.

This may be the panel I’m most excited about. I love writing villains. Probably my favorite part of Mirrors & Magic were the scenes from Bella’s POV. Back when I used to do theater, I always tried out for the villain. They’re just a ridiculous good time, and this panel should be, too.

The Great Space Opera Debate


Is Space Opera on the rise once more, or is it just the wishful thinking of millions of faithful readers? Our panelists certainly seem to think it’s coming back! Join in the discussion and share your thoughts on this (hopefully) growing trend in the Speculative Universe.

Yeah, I know. “What’s Opera, Doc” is not space opera. Maybe I should’ve done a gif of Marvin the Martian or Duck Dodgers. But at least Bugs is wearing a brass brassiere, one of the hallmarks of space opera from the days of Flash Gordon and Edgar Rice Burroughs all the way up to a certain princess in a galaxy far, far away.

Subgenre Spotlight: Steampunk


Ever wanted to ask a bunch of questions about Steampunk but were too afraid to sound like you were behind the times? Never fear! Our panel of experts are here to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the rise of Steampunk, its origins, and where it’s headed with today’s increasing technology and advancements in modern media.

Alchemy. Airships. Outrageous fashion. There’s so much to love about steampunk, (and its closely-related cousins dieselpunk, clockpunk and gaslamp fantasy.) I will most likely be wearing a corset for this panel.

YA & Speculative Writing


Young Adult fiction is the hottest trend on the market right now, but is it always done correctly? Speculative Fiction often takes more focus and determination than readers realize, and our publishing professionals are here to give you the low-down on how to build a believable speculative story geared towards the younger crowd.

Writing for a teen audience is tricky, especially in speculative fiction. The inner journey of your character has to hold the same weight as the action, without bogging it down. It’s a tricksy balance to strike. This panel should be veeeerrrry interesting.

Pitch Perfect


If you’re looking to pitch a book to a publisher, this is the panel for you. Our panelists discuss the right way to build a pitch. Bring your best pitches for the chance at a critique!

My one claim to bragging rights is that I was accepted on my very first query. I make no claim to being a great writer, but I am very, very good at pitching. Could be the decades working in advertising. Or years of Twitter marketing has trained me to boil ideas down to their most concise and catchy form. Either way, when it comes to pitching, I bring the heat.

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