My husband is pretty outstanding

Me: I can’t think of what to blog about today.
Chris: Blog about me. I’m awesome.
Me: What should I say?
Chris: Just talk about all my awesome qualities. Especially my humility. That should fill up a blog post.

Well, come to think of it, he is pretty awesome. When I got home from work today, he was almost done making dinner. Dinner was steak, so that was pretty awesome. He’s currently helping The Girl figure out how to play Guitar Hero on beginner. Which means he also has extraordinary patience as a dad.

Rather than spending his weekend as he would have preferred, sitting around watching DVDs, he spent it:

  • Attempting to get a last-minute costume for the church trunk or treat;
  • Waiting over an hour for the furniture guys at Big Lots to get their collective crap together so we could buy a new sectional for the Grey Cottage;
  • Helping me move our old crappy furniture into the garage;
  • Transporting the new furniture from Big Lots and hauling it into the living room;
  • Working with me at the trunk or treat, handing out candy and patiently explaining his costume to people who apparently never saw any of the Back to the Future movies.

So, yes, I do think Chris is worthy of a blog post. He’s a pretty outstanding spouse. (And a darn fine Marty McFly!)

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