My Family

These exceptionally attractive and understanding people are my family. The photo tells you that they’re attractive and understanding, because  they were willing to sit on a velour sofa in our front yard, in the July heat, in whatever they happened to be wearing at the moment, and smile for my camera.  Knowing that because it’s me, that photo would likely be posted online somewhere.

Such as here, on my blog.

The Boy is my son, whose name is currently up for debate. Apropos of nothing, this year he’s suddenly decided he wants to go by his middle name. Apparently, in 2011, “legally changing your name” means changing it on Facebook. The Boy is fourteen, about to start his freshman year of high school, and yes, he’s taller than I am. He wants to be an airline pilot and lead singer in a classic rock cover band when he grows up. He was also born in Japan.

The dark haired man in the middle with the sexy dimples is my husband, Chris. We’ve been married for about 20 years, which is a good indicator he has a much higher tolerance for weirdness than he’d otherwise lead you to believe. His interests include religious studies, U of L Cardinal sports, tae kwon do/MMA/UFC, and a lot of the same nerdy stuff I like (community theater, D&D, video games, comic books, movies with lots of explosions).  He also ran out of a perfectly good building down a flight line to get a better look at a tornado when he was a weather man in the Air Force. So he’s not entirely without his own special brand of crazy.

The Girl is my daughter, also known as the HRH or DQ (Drama Queen).  She is secretly the benevolent dictator of all of us.

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