1. Jonna

    What?? Cousin Willie is dead???
    I had no idea.

    …You know what’s even worse than someone borrowing a movie almost a year ago and still not having returned it?
    When they borrowed a movie almost a year ago and still haven’t watched it!!!! But… no one could really be THAT lame. Could they…?

  2. daryn

    No time for movies here. We get excited when we get to watch the 1-hour show that we DVRed all in one sitting.


  3. ·

    Chris told me about Cousin Willie. Chris is a veritable font of all gossip and news for the Ramsey Water coverage area.

    😛 FWIW, I still have not watched Napoleon Dynamite. At this point, I’m refusing to do so just because so many people insist I HAVE to watch it. 😛

    And D, that begs the question, what shows are in your DVR queue? Which segueways so nicely into the next post I was going to write about tv. 😉

  4. daryn

    The top contenders for potential watching are the Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy, & Lost (which I am so ready to start see wrapping up.) We are behind on all of them except Grey’s and Lost. Craig has found that if we don’t watch them that night (just later) that there are too many people at the ol’ water cooler who ruin them for him.

    I am like you. I am refusing to see Napolean Dynamite. I watched as that movie single handedly turned my students into morons. I was afraid of the other possible side effects.


  5. ·

    So far after the break, I’ve absolutely LOVED two out of three episodes (didn’t hate this last one with Jack, it just wasn’t my favorite.) And next week is going to be chock fulla Charlie and Hurley, judging by the previews.

    So lots of humor and good quotable lines, because aside from Sawyer, C & H get the best funny lines: “What are you going to do, beat me with your Jesus Stick?” “Rose’s husband is white. Didn’t see that coming.” 🙂

    As far as Grey’s go, except for catching the last half of the last epi, I have all of season two and most of this season to catch up on.


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