More technical difficulties. Sigh.

I know. I know.

The blog has been a mess for the last week. It looks messier now than it probably did earlier this week, from your perspective. That’s because, as usual, I started with the pretty, easy stuff I’m good at and left the hard stuff till after, and the hard stuff ended up mucking up the work I’d already done on the pretty, easy side of things. So now I have to do all that work all over again. ~Sigh.~ And somehow, I’ve managed to lose all my images, although I’m pretty sure they’re around here somewhere…

But I finally figured out how to host two completely different domains on the same hosting account without weird redirects and broken stuff happening everywhere. Which is kind of awesome. I never did figure that out on my last host. If you go to or any subpage, what you’ll see in your address bar is exactly what you’d expect. Same with They’re separate sites now. Not one that’s actually a subfolder or secret compartment within the other one. YAY.

It's a cat. And my name's Kat. Hahahahahaha... I think I'm losing my mind.
Seriously. This is what I’ve looked like in regards to this blog all week.

For a minute there, I was afraid I was going to create a wormhole in the internet with all those subdomains and redirects. It got kinda crazy.

So, that was a major accomplishment for me. I know. I’m supposed to be this tech nerd and I can’t do something that seemingly simple. It’s not as simple as it seems. Or I’m not as tech nerdy as I seem. Or both.

Now that the domain and hosting stuff is straightened out completely (THANK YOU JESUS), I can start working on getting the pretty stuff back to normal. I apologize if I’ve been driving my blog friends nuts. Should get better from here on out. Honest.


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