More randomness! Personal history band name bingo.

Once upon a time, I got to video chat with the creators of LOST.

Sort of.  Kind of.

In actuality, I chatted with Kris White, fellow Louisville native and the host of the official LOST ABC podcast.  I recorded a video question and got a video answer back in the podcast.  (Scroll down and check out the April 19, 2008 video podcast for proof.)

Damon and Carlton did at least compliment me on my excellent video questioning manners.

Also, thanks to me, college bands everywhere have documented permission to use “Montand’s Arm” as a name for their band.

It occurred to me today that there are a lot of people|places|things|events from my past that would make a reasonably good name for a band.

So without further ado, here is my list of Awesome Band Names Based on Actual Stuff from my Past:

  • The Infamous Marilyn Incident – The less said about this the better (it was an infamous incident, after all.) Let’s just say it involved a house party, an unfortunately-placed sofa, and my questionable decision to wear a dress and then get tipsy enough to fall backwards over said sofa.  Right into some guy’s lap.
  • Lost in ShibuyaI’ve been lost other places, but I’m using this one because “Shibuya” ends in “BOO-YA!”  Which makes it an awesome band name.
  • Pumpkin CoachMy first car was a 1978 Monte Carlo.  Which my dad painted bright, Sunkist orange.  One guess what we called it?
  • Runabout|RunawayI was driving home from a lake when a 16′ runabout bounced off its trailer coming the other direction.  At about 70 mph.  I slammed on the gas and it missed my rear bumper by maybe 5 feet.  Alternate band name: Killer Bassboat.
  • Crushed Velvet Yoshi – We briefly tried the whole “child modeling” thing with our son.  His agent, Yoshi, was 4’9″ of fabulous in a purple crushed velvet suit.
  • The Naked Fajitas – Not really unique to my past.  But still–excellent name for a band.   

I would really love to have you guys post your own “band names based on stuff from my past” in the comments.

Then again, I’d really love to get back into size 8 jeans, and that’s probably not going to happen any time soon, either.

Much love!


  1. ·

    This is fun! 🙂

    Wandering Toddlers – One day while we were supposed to be napping my older sister opened the door to our house. We wandered outside and I nearly drowned in the flooded canal nearby.

    Dreams of Drowning – Until I was a teenager I had bizarre underwater dreams from that incident.

    Pick It Down – My grandparents worked in an orange grove. On school breaks we would visit them and we’d all go out and pick oranges. Since I was the smallest I was tasked with climbing the middle of the trees and picking the oranges there. I once famously said “I’ll pick these down, but I won’t pick them up!”

    Rattlesnake Pinto – My grandparents had a Pinto, and one Christmas break while we were out in the orange grove I found some rattlesnake eggs. I put them in the Pinto, and a few days later there were baby rattlesnakes in the Pinto.
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  2. Kat

    “Rattlesnake Pinto” = Full. of. win!

  3. Chris

    Lost In Disneyland.

    Canoe Wreck.

    The Black Jacks.

    Airborne Station Wagon.

    Chainsaw Wearing Girlfriend.

    Sister Switch.

    F’ed Up Lawnmower.

  4. Kat

    LOL… I remember “Airborne Station Wagon”…

  5. Charlotte

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