Money. That's What I Want.

Funny thing. I generally don’t have much use for the stuff. But after having my internet, phone, and electricity shut off for non-payment at various times in the last few months, I can see where a bit more of it would be handy. It is somewhat difficult to do web design from home without electricity and/or a functional internet connection.

And I’m a bit ticked at myself for letting something I generally could give a crap less about derail me as completely as it did Monday night. I suspect the money issue was just the fuse attached to a big ol pile of emotional TNT that has been building up of late. Regardless, all of the above has been demolished, along with at least one deck chair.

So today my beloved Sunday School class is praying for me, and I’m supposed to be “purging my record of wrongs.” I can definitely feel the prayers–I feel better and stronger than in a week.

Strong enough to exorcise some old and particularly nasty demons? We’ll see…

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