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    I haven’t heard the term before but I know the concept and agree that is what it often is. I’ve been quite familiar with it recently. 🙂


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    As usual I’m right there with you. I’ve lived with depression for a long time and this feels a lot different. About four years ago I realized that my career in IT was coming to a close. My heart just hasn’t been in it. As I looked around I eventually kindled a strong passion in culinary arts.

    Now I’m feeling a bit wobbly as I work to embrace my new reality. I’m not proficient yet and that only makes me feel even more out of sorts. I never considered that it was depression, just adjusting to the changes.


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  4. Kat French

    Bill: I would say that I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this lately, but since I’m pretty sure it’s a good (if uncomfortable/unpleasant) thing, I guess I’ll say congratulations instead. 🙂

    Charles: Agreed. There’s a distinct difference between “unproductive” depression and your brain telling you it’s time for a change. “Adjustment” is a good descriptor, because it implies that the wobblyness is only temporary.

    Steven: Welcome to the blog! I do think all depression signals a change is necessary. I don’t know that all depression is a clear signal, though.

    In automotive terms, some depression is like a warning light on your dashboard (what I’m talking about here). Other depression is like your vehicle becoming incapacitated on the side of the road (which also should tell you you need to change something!)


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