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    Really liked the post, mainly because it hit home for me. I’m getting married here in the next year and I have always heard it’s hard but I’m sure I still look at it through my “engaged, rose colored glasses.” Reading posts like these to prep for how hard marriage is does a good job of keeping me grounded in that regard. I think being somewhat prepped for the challenges of the impossible makes the impossible that much more attainable.

    On a side note, my grandparents have been married 50+ years in “ground zero.” I guess you could call them curve breakers.


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    Kat, thanks for keeping things real. I don’t mean that in the cheesy way either. Your post reminded me of something Tommy Nelson (author of “The Book of Romance” which I recommend) said to me a decade ago, “The happiest people in the world are married. And the most miserable people in the world aren’t single.”


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    I have had this idea in my head for a while to deep fry gazpacho. It came to me like a bolt of lightning and I’ve been obsessed with figuring it out. Part of it is because I think it will be delicious. Part of it is the absurdity of frying soup. And more than a little of it is because people have told me it’s impossible. I have always attacked that position aggressively because I like to prove people wrong.

    You’re right, it’s gonna be epic.

  5. Kat French

    Drew – I come from a long line of “curve breakers” myself (grandparents were married for over 50 years, and my parents were married till Mom passed in 2003). Keep the rose colored glasses and their associated enthusiasm and confidence for as long as you can. But when you fail, and you both will, keep going anyway. Best wishes to you and the spouse-to-be.

    david – “keeping it real” is how I roll. of course, “cheesy” is also how I roll. so really, we’re good either way.

    Charles – I used to say “so-and-so is crazy as a soup sandwich.” I think fried soup sounds better than a soup sandwich, but gastronomy is not my strong suit, else I’d have known to pass on the mango habanero wings tonight. Chalk that one up to lessons learned. I wish you much luck on the epic attempt. Send photos upon success.


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    I loved this post — and I love your ‘this could be epic’ outlook. It’s beautiful

  7. Kat French

    Dianna – I love your comment! Welcome to iBard!


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