Like Finding a Dollar in the Pocket of Your Jeans

It turns out I misread my publishing contract.  My draft for Bitter Cold isn’t due until June. Forget a dollar, this is like discovering a twenty in the laundry. Woo hoo!

This is very good news for a couple of reasons.  I’ve had about a month to let the rough edit sit. Now I can go back and do a much better and more thorough edit. Because I thought I had to have it done much faster, I have a pretty decent complete draft at this point. I also learned that writing a rough draft really fast is probably best for my particular writing process. I tend to do everything in sprints, so that’s not really surprising. Had I tried to “pace myself” and work through the first draft more slowly, I probably would have gotten bogged down.

Another nice thing? There were some thematic elements that I intended to include that didn’t make it into the rough cut, and now I have time to see if I can work those in. I started editing on Saturday, and I can already see a much bigger improvement over the rough edit I did less than a week after finishing my draft.

I’ve been working on character and plot notes for three other stories. Two will be additional steampunk fairy tales set in the same alternate North America I created for  Bitter Cold. One is a contemporary fantasy story called Not All There, about a woman who literally disappears whenever her attention wanders.

So that’s what’s going on with my writing. What’s going on with you?

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