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    That’s a great philosophy, Kat. Unfortunately, some things affect us whether we choose to give them our attention or not. We do not live in a vacuum. The ripples each of us send out from our place in the world affect others in ways we can sometimes not even imagine.

    Don’t confuse attention with something else. Like your title of the other day – if you fight reality, reality will always win. Look with eyes open and then choose your path accordingly.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be a downer 🙁


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    Not at all. I’m not suggesting I walk around with blinders on. As I described it to another friend, that would be like trying to play croquet in a soccer field while the World Cup finals are going on around you.

    But there is acknowledging the event, it’s effect on you, and making any relevant and pressing decisions; and then there’s lingering and dwelling on it after the fact till it becomes “the monster that ate my life.”

    I’m trying to avoid the latter, if that makes any sense.


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