Letting Go

Well, the Forty Days of Purpose (aka Forty Days of Working My @$$ Off) is now officially over. And as much as I’ve complained about it, it has helped me focus and figure some things out.

I need to pare down my responsibilities. I need to NOT take the leadership role in EVERYTHING I’m involved in. I need to learn to participate without taking over.

I gave up ownership of a little community of stalwart souls whom I care deeply for. Too deeply, in fact, to be an effective moderator. So I let it go, and I feel a lot lighter in doing so.

And I have let go of trying to “mother” a friend of mine who is going through a rough time right now. I gave her a gift (a literal one) and now I’m backing off a bit. I see her going through some trials I’ve already faced, and I want to jump in and make it easier for her. But what I’ve come to realize is, trials like that are not supposed to be easy. They are there in our lives to refine our character, and if I intervene, I will be crippling her.

I just this instant realized that the same situation exists with another friend. It’s like the moth story. A scientist watched a moth struggle its way out of a cocoon with tremendous effort, spread its wings and fly. The next moth, he made a tiny cut in the cocoon, to help the moth emerge. But when it did, it’s wings were flaccid and useless. The exertion of fighting its way out of the cocoon was necessary to pump fluids and strength out of the heavy body and into the wings. He’d inadvertently crippled the moth in “helping” it.

God knows what He’s doing. I need to stop interfering.

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