Launches, Productions and Presentations, Oh My!

It’s been a while since I did a general “what’s going on in the life of That Darn Kat” post, and my brain (all of them) is as empty as an old Coke can this morning, so here you go.

At work, I’ve been churning out writing pretty much as fast as I can possibly go. Last week, we launched the website for the marketing arm, OOHology. Technically,  I work for OOHology although I obviously write copy for Makespace (the web dev division) as well.  I’m really proud of the copy on the site. With Deanna Mitchell, the design lead on this project, I feel like we’ve established a rapport that’s similar to a traditional art director/copywriter team at an old school advertising agency.  We bounce ideas off each other really well, and I think that came through in the finished product. Not to mention there was some really slick code wrangling genius to pull off some of the neat animations and menus.

Sojourn New Albany is about to fully launch, with a community open house tonight and first “real” service October 16. The preview service was wonderful. So was putting together the acoustic buffers for the new sanctuary, which used to be an elementary school gym. (Although the preview service was wonderful and free of itchy insulation!) I finished my first fiber arts project of the fall/winter this week, which was a shawl to be given away at the open house.

The Boy has secured a part in the school play. He’ll be Rogers the butler in a production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. (Yup, that’s the whole 1945 movie below, courtesy of OpenFlix on YouTube.)

The Girl is continuing to enjoy youth cheerleading. I am continuing to enjoy seeing her in her ADORABLE cheerios uniform.

On the “social media nerd” front, I will be presenting a session at Podcamp Cincy. If you’re in the Cincinnati area, and interested in learning about social media, it should be a GREAT, inexpensive, fun day.  My session will be on “Separating the Personal & Professional in Social Media… Or Not.”  Should be a blast.

That’s about it for me lately. What’s going on with you?


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