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    Julia Cameron has always irritated the fire out of me, maybe it is because I have never been able to get through one of her books EVER…

    But, back in the day when Drama was my first, middle AND last name. I HAD to create to escape it. It wasn’t that the drama fueled my creativity but being creative was the only way I could get away from it.

    NOW that I have a much less drama saturated life, I still have the NEED to create but not the compulsion, so I don’t often make time for that release.

    Great Video. You are soooo durn cute!

  2. Kat French

    I like Cameron’s The Right to Write mostly because it’s split up into short essays. I agree that she’s kind of a bit much to take in a longer format. But she’s got some solid ideas, that if you break them down into bite-sized actionable chunks, are helpful.

    And when I was a 20something Drama Queen, yes, creative outlets did make an awesome escape, but in my case, it rarely led to good art. It was good therapy, though. I agree it’s actually harder to prioritize creative work when you’re in a healthy happy spot. You just want to enjoy the healthy happy!

    Thanks! I always feel that I look and sound hopelessly goofy, but I like doing the videos anyway.


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