Keep It or Pitch It? Unfinished Business

This is a little excerpt from a fiction piece I’m working on. Let me know what you think. More comments at the end. – kat

You’d think that having magickal abilities would make life less complicated. At the very least, you’d think it would be interesting enough that people wouldn’t feel the need to distract themselves with garden-variety neuroses. You’d think being dead or immortal would give you a healthy dose of perspective.

You’d think that, but you’d be dead wrong. If not, I’d be out of a job.

I’m Libby DeMarco, supernatural therapist.

I guess I should clarify. “Supernatural therapist” doesn’t tell you whether I’m a therapist who’s supernatural, or a therapist with supernatural clients. The simple answer? All of the above.

Most ghosts spend their afterlives trying to resolve their own unfinished business. Maybe I’ll get around to that someday. For now, I spend mine trying to help the undead and immortal work out their issues. They’re already dangerous. It’s worse when they’re dangerous and crazy.

Trust me, someone’s gotta do this job. If you think vampires are scary, you should see one stuck in the Anger stage of grieving his own death. A wizard’s midlife crisis might mean an entire city ends up enchanted, just to prove he can still “get the old Wand up.” And don’t get me started on postmenopausal nymphs…

Monsters have a lot of baggage. I’ve got my spectral hands full helping them put it behind them.

But this isn’t my story. It’s Albert Troncin’s. Justice is complicated on the FlipSide. I couldn’t help Albert, either as a ghost or as a therapist. The least I can do for him is tell his story.

Would you be interested in reading a story that started like this? What do you think of having a ghost for a protagonist? This started from me thinking that I’d like to try coming up with an urban fantasy heroine that hadn’t been done to death (pardon the pun). With this story, I’m going for a mashup of a cozy mystery and an urban fantasy tale. I like urban fantasy, but the hero/heroine is almost always a leather clad “badass,” which is a character type I have a hard time relating to as a reader or writer.

Cozy mystery heroines aren’t “action stars”–they don’t fight bad guys; they just follow clues and try to stay out of trouble. I thought having a ghost–and a sort of cerebral psychology nerd ghost, at that–might make for an interestingly different take on UF. What do you think? Keep working on it, or pitch it?


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    Uh, yeah.

    I need another paranormal “fun” read. I am all caught up on Charlane (everything, even the crap), Casey Daniels (ok one or two of those left), Mary Janice Davidson, Jim Butcher, Victoria Lane…I know some of these are more fluff than others…

    But, I need a good Super-pyscho-self-help read 😉


    1. Kat French

      Thanks guys. I recognize it’s just a rough draft, but it’s good to get feedback that it’s at least a story direction worth pursuing.


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