1. bartlett

    When you write such entries, I always find myself wondering if I missed a chapter in the great big book o’ Kat. Care to give me a summary of the events that have led to this bout of soul searching?


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    Sue Ellen: Not getting better, really, but not getting a lot worse either. I keep forgetting my medicine. The doctor was not really happy with me about that Thursday. But it’s gotten to the point that I’m hurting enough to remind me to take it now. So maybe it’ll start getting better. Got the follow up with the specialist later this month, so I probably won’t know anything till then.

    Not looking forward to it.

    bartlett: The short(er) and somewhat sanitized version is that back in the fall, the proverbial straw done fell upon the camel’s back in regards to a longstanding issue related to the Armeggedon of ’02 (not to mention some fairly significant anniversaries related to said Armeggedon happened this month).

    Both the straw and a review of the events of the past five years had me really honestly considering whether it was time to basically say “hey, gave it my best” and let both parties move on to hopefully healthier futures.

    Before a decision could be made regarding the next steps, a decision had to be made as to whether forgiveness and a restoration of trust was even possible. Putting off THAT decision has had me twisting on a spit for several months. But that decision is made now.

    Part of the problem was the feeling that I didn’t really HAVE a choice. But I’ve gained a peace now that whatever choices I make are in fact MY choices.

  3. bartlett

    Ah. Ok, yeah. I read that chapter. Just wanted to make sure I had all the notes.


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