It's Movie Monday! NaNoWriMo, Helpful Tools & A Free Creativity eBook.

Wherein I discuss my progress (or the lack thereof) on NaNoWriMo, some helpful writing tools, a cool Christmas present for my readers, and a fresh, hot, FREE ebook from my friends at Thoughtwrestling on doing your best creative work.


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    🙂 I’m not cool, I am hopelessly goofy, but I’ve figured out how to make that work for me!


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    Good luck with the Nanowrimo holiday push and congrats on the 5K Saturday. I had another friend do a big push over the weekend, and he’s hoping to catch up over the holiday, too. Don’t be distracted by the turkey 😉

  4. Kat French

    Thanks, Pete!

    Tryptophan: the enemy of fictional greatness.


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