It takes Big Balls to adopt a kid.

People who adopt orphans are awesome. I am not one of them. God has blessed me with two rockin’ kids that have quite literally saved my life at one time or another.

I am not without my struggles in life, but one hurdle God didn’t make me clear was fertility issues.  Chris & I have spent a grand total of maybe ten weeks (both kids combined) attempting conception before success. Hate on me if you must.

"Scorpion" = your feet wrap around to your head

God knows, if it had been a hurdle, I would have faceplanted like a contestant on Wipeout.  We’re talking “scorpion” Wipeout, here, folks.

Because aside from fertility, my biochemistry (particularly in the arena of mental & emotional health) is not particularly awesome.  Somehow, I’m feeling like shooting myself up with massive doses of hormones attempting to get preggers would have probably brought on some full-on crazy.  Bad idea, people.

Adoption, the other white meat of family planning, requires:

(A) outstanding paperwork and administrative skillz,

(B) large sums of money to pay for things like attorneys and baby-mama healthcare and sometimes plane tickets and such like, and

(C) the patience of Job for dealing with bureaucracy.

None of which we have ever had in abundance, either.

So I have tremendous admiration for people who are willing to run the obstacle-course-from-hell to parenting that is adoption. And it just so happens that I have a couple of friends and acquaintances who either have run that obstacle course, or are currently bouncing over the Big Balls of Bureaucracy in progress.

  • My friend Daryn has two adopted kiddos who are adorable. Being their mom lead her to a new vocation as a wellness coach. She also writes the Kids’ Corner for Southern Indiana Fitness Source magazine.
  • Our friends the Marshalls just got the awesome news that their referral came in for a bouncing baby boy from Ethiopia. Check out their story (and maybe contribute a little to help).
  • And our son’s former youth group leader, and fellow Sojourners the Coffey family are also in the seemingly-endless adoption queue. But they have the MOST AWESOME FUNDRAISING SOURCE EVAR:  selling coffee.  That’s right. You can get your buzz on, and help an orphan get a family at the same time.

Got a cool adoption story to share? Drop it like it’s hot (coffee) in the comments.


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    Two quick addenda:
    1. In our case specifically, it was much more about listening to God scream “MOVE” in our ears, and trying to be compliant after being sit in time-out more than once for not being good listeners. 😉
    2. Not so much in the large sums of money department. We found a bank with an awesome adoption loan that paid the total of while we made interest free payments until placement. Then they were awesome enough to wait until our awesome tax rebate came, and we paid them off. Awesome.

  2. Kat French

    I think feeling like we’ve not been good listeners at some point in our lives (especially one where we were really emotionally invested in getting a different answer) is something we can all relate to, girl. 🙂 Miss you, BTW.
    And getting a loan requires EXTRA paperwork and organization. Outta my league. 😉


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