Okay, continuing on with my train of thought…

How to integrate all these multiplicities into one unified whole?

Rrrrrrrrrrttttttt! (Sound of brakes squalling)

Unified whole. Unified whole. Maybe that’s the whole problem. I don’t want and need a unified, static whole. I need an integrated system of multiplicities. I’m not trying to create a concrete block here, where aggregate and cement are solidified into an unmoving, static mass. I’m trying to create a better functioning human person. Well, create is probably the wrong word. God created me. I’m just trying to live up to the potential that He’s programmed into me.

Binary thinking. Like a computer. A single, flexible operating system that runs a number of subroutines and programs.

Okay, now I’m having images of the Borg collective. Crap. But there’s the nugget of something here, just out of reach. Something useful. All the information of the last three to five years is just cascading in on me. It’s all related. It’s all connected. There are too many common threads in all of it for it not to be. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that is deliciously, infuriatingly close to being completed.


It’s all related:
Marriage Builders
Transactional Analysis/Inner child work
the enneagram/MB typing systems
Constructive living
Fresh Brewed Life
The Purpose Driven Life

Crap. Have to puzzle this out later.

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