In the Beginning…

Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere. And for me, I guess the smartest place to start is today.

I guess I could type out my life story here once again, after having rehashed it on any number of other places. And some of that stuff may eventually come up, as it becomes relevant. But more and more I’m thinking that the changes that are slowly nudging their way into my life are all about living in the now. The past is important only in the context that it gives the present. The past is the frame, the present is the picture. The past is the velvet curtains–the present is the movie on the screen.

My husband (aka “The Delectable One”) and I were discussing this weekend how life has sort of fallen to heck in a handbasket in the last couple of months. If ever God were sending cosmic pop-up prompts that it was time for a total life reboot, this would be it. “Business as usual” has ground to a screeching halt.

Computer Crash as Metaphor

About a month ago, our computer, our beloved “Dude, we got a Dell” crashed with a resounding thud. We should have known it was coming. Things were getting too cluttered, too chaotic. Still, it was a mournful day when we had to reload the OS. And that pretty much describes the state of the rest of our lives, with a couple of shining, beautiful exceptions. A cluttered, chaotic mess badly in need of a new operating system. So since a friend recently introduced me to the joys of weblogs, I figured I’d document what will probably be our ridiculous and sublime efforts at self-improvement here for posterity.

Is This a Step Forward or a Step Back? I can never remember….

So in the spirit of renewal, we obtained a family membership to the local Y yesterday. In true, “cart before the horse” tradition, did we pause for one moment over the tiny, niggling detail that we did not, in fact, have money in the thus-far-nonexistent budget for the membership? Heck no!!! Onward, full speed ahead! I’m going swimming in January, people!

Friends and Family are a Small Price to Pay to Totally Annoy One’s Creditors

We’ve been screening our calls for about a month now, while we wait for adequate money to actually pay some bills that don’t involve a life-giving utility service. Not to mention I’ve made our answering machine message obnoxiously long and stated “Friends and family are welcome to leave messages”…the unspoken, yet clearly implied second half of that sentence being “Collectors and telemarketers can go jump in a lake, because we’re not returning your calls.”

The Never Ending Horizon

Plymouth Horizon, that is. A year ago, we purchased a 1985 Plymouth Horizon from my grandparents during yet another of our vehicular crises. The paint had been (and I swear I’m not making this up) eaten by horses in places, and it wasn’t much to look at, but doggone it, the thing JUST KEEPS RUNNING. The muffler fell off a month after we got it, as of right now only one door opens from the outside, we’ve busted out the glass in the hatchback and replaced it, and done a complete brake job. I’m thinking of affectionately nicknaming the thing “Christine,” in honor of Stephen King’s Plymouth Fury, because it just won’t die. But die or not, it looks like it may be retired for a while. Will update on that situation as information becomes available.

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