I’m Off to the Steampunk Worlds Fair!

SPWF-fabric3x3_Rev2This evening, I’ll be heading out with the rest of the crew from 3 Fates Press, as well as author Eric Garrison (Reality Check) to the Steampunk Worlds Fair in Piscataway, New Jersey.

We’ll have a table where we’ll be selling books, signing books and discussing the ins and outs of steampunk fiction. There is a fairly high probability I will purchase some ridiculous hats. I was going to try to find some ridiculous hats here before I left. After all, Derby. But a Derby fascinator is not the same thing as a true and proper steampunk hat. 

I thought about trying to make a proper steampunk hat, but then I realized, I’m not a steampunk artisan. I am a steampunk writer. Big difference.

(Aside: I had a similar stark realization of my personal limits at a school play recently, when an elderly woman fell. I thought about joining the crowd of people attempting to help her, but then I realized I have exactly zero medical skills. Possibly negative medical skills. As a writer, I’m only useful in the unfortunate event someone needs an obituary or eulogy. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that. But I digress.) 

At any rate, this is my opportunity to purchase the wares of real steampunk craftspeople, and discuss the art of steampunk fiction. If you’re going to be in the area this weekend, come by and say hello! 

If I’m not at the 3 Fates Press table, I will most likely be found stalking a haberdasher.


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    Oh, totally jealous! I would love to join you (alas, I lack more than the proper hat). Have a fabulous time and take lots of pictures to share!


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