I'm Finding Myself at a Loss for Words, and the Funny Thing Is, It's Ok

Well, I had an interesting weekend. It probably should have been stressful, but it wasn’t, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Dad showed up at my doorstep after an odd phone conversation Friday evening. There wasn’t anything particularly odd per se about the conversation, besides the fact that it was happening. My dad called me and said he wanted to talk, hadn’t seen us in a while, etc. Poor dad is totally at a loss when it comes to initiating and holding up his end of a conversation. But I sort of updated him on what was going on with us lately, and he dropped by for a while, mostly to play with the kiddos and drop off some clothes Bubbles had bought for them.

Bubbles “Love Language” is clearly “Gifts.” God knows it is not Words of Affirmation or Quality Time. But I digress.

I suspect Dad is depressed. Which is not terribly surprising–I think he’s a Four, prone to depression under the best of circumstances, and his lifelong love is now dead nearly a year. And the holidays are coming up. Which reminds me of something I need to post on later, but it doesn’t really belong in this post: I’ve been reading the diary of a witch. As I said, more on that later.

Sooooooo. TDO comes home during Dad’s weird visit, and he is COMPLETELY stoked from workout because he benched 185. Which he’s been telling every person who crosses his path all weekend, much like the “I lowered my cholesterol” guy from the commercial. “I benched 185.” He called our minister, who missed that workout, just to tell him he benched 185. But the sweetest thing, which MUST be mentioned and recorded for the next time I’m pissed off at him, is he walked in the door nearly bouncing up and down, and said “I have something I have to tell you! I’m so excited about it, and I wanted to tell you FIRST. I couldn’t wait to tell YOU!”

Now how do you resist a man like that? Who, when he achieves something he’s especially proud of, the first thing he can think of is, he HAS to tell YOU. RIGHT NOW. 🙂

So anyway. The skit that was scheduled for Sunday basically fell to pieces, so I cancelled it at the last minute. Which is probably why the weekend wasn’t as stressful. Saturday, we had a really good visit/catch up small groups lesson with our friends, the Presidents. And then my cousin came in with her interpretive dance group late at night. We plied them with sodas and pumpkin bread, and sent them to Granny and Papaw’s, who I think were secretly thrilled to have people spending the night.

Sunday was a mess. Ministry Fair. Craziness. General insanity. And Dad, who said Friday he wanted to get together with us Sunday, went AWOL to girlfriend’s house. Eventually, we ended up at Jane and Ed’s house, and had a nice long, enjoyable visit that was very encouraging to TDO and me.

But OH MY GRACIOUS. When Queenie gets really mobile, as in walking and running, we are going to HAVE to keep her and Charlie separated. They are both all adrenaline and totally without fear or inhibition. The destruction that those two could cook up if put together and left even marginally unsupervised boggles the imagination.

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