I have a ton of news to share!

Right. So, I haven’t posted much here lately. Mainly because I have been insanely busy.

I feel like I’m really hitting my stride in my job at CafePress. It’s still overwhelming and busy and sort of nuts, and likely to only get even more so as we enter the peak season for ecommerce gift buying. But I at least feel like I know what I’m doing and I have a strategy for managing things.

I’ve recently also dipped my toes in the water as a freelance fiction editor. I can’t reveal details, but I just finished structural and line edits on a science fiction book for a new small press focused on speculative fiction. I’ve been editing for a long time, but mostly business writing. It’s been quite exciting!

Still working on Gilded Locks, the next Kit and Greta story. I’ve also just signed a publishing contract with a small press to re-publish all my currently self-published steampunk stories.  They’re all going be re-released probably next year. The new publisher has a really solid marketing plan and a lot of hustle. I’m looking forward to seeing how far these stories can go given a solid, professional edit and more promotion than my own sometimes-haphazard efforts.

I can’t really share a ton of details for these news bits yet. But I was about to burst holding them in entirely.


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