I Give Myself Very Good Advice (But I Very Seldom Follow It)

Bonus points to whomever can identify the fairy tale I’m quoting in the title. I don’t know what you’d do with those bonus points, since they’re kind of meaningless, but I’ll offer them nonetheless.

I am really good at giving advice. It must be good advice, too, because people often come back and ask me for more advice.

lolcat-halpI just wish I was better at taking my own advice. This week, my post on Social Media Explorer was born of a crazy week of sickness, exhaustion and the meltdown of civility online. In that post, I wag my finger at other Community Managers and tell them they need to take care of themselves. Yeah. I haven’t been doing such a great job of that myself.

But I’m determined to do better. So this weekend, I’m taking a 24 hour personal retreat. I have reservations at The Kintner House bed & breakfast. Which is a very quick walk from Point Blank Brewing Company, the Harrison County Public Library, Butt Drugs and Hayswood Theater (which is currently showing Neil Simon’s Rumors).

I told the kiddos (and Chris) that I love taking care of them. But I’m also responsible for taking care of me. I’m not doing them any favors teaching them to wait for someone else to rescue you when you’re overwhelmed and a meltdown is imminent. Grown-ups put on their own life vests first.

My life is awesome. But it’s awesome, and filled to overflowing, and recently completely exhausting.

I’mma take a lil break, campers. See you after the holiday.


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