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    In my world, when technology battles grammar, GRAMMAR ALWAYS WINS.

    But you are, of course, correct.


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    I always opt for the method of looking up the info that debunks the forward, than sending that via reply-all, hopefully helping to inform at least somebody. Or if there isn’t something in the fwd that is a blatant lie to debunk, I’ll send a link with the info and history behind the fwd. There are also breakthechain.org truthorfiction.com and hoax-slayer.com as well. Mostly I get stuff that’s “friendship” or gender-related, or jokes. I’ll usually just sound off on CBCF and get the worst of the frustration out of my system, and just hope the forwarder takes the hint when they never hear from me again until they send me something they have actually written.

  3. Kat French

    Miss Capri – Ah, the “Snopes Intervention” approach. I have done that a few times, myself.

    Thanks for dropping by. I hadn’t heard of breakthechain.org, truthorfiction.com or hoax-slayer.com before. 🙂


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