Hello, whole new world

Things, they are a-changing around the Grey Cottage. Josh is preparing to graduate from North Harrison High School. Maddie is finishing up her last year at Morgan Elementary. And I’m leaving my job as at OOHology, to join SME Digital as a “content genius” (not my actual title, but it literally is in the job description.)

I can hardly describe how excited I am to start this new phase of my life. It had reached the point where my kids didn’t even ask me if I could come to their school events. Chris has been doing an amazing job of managing most of the logistics of the homefront. But he’s got a demanding job of his own, and it’s not fair for him to feel like he doesn’t even have a partner who’s a reliable back-up when he can’t make things work.

My life was working, sort of. But the cost was too great, and I was rapidly losing even the physical ability, much less the will, to pay it. 

After I ended up in the hospital twice in six months for stress-related issues, I realized I needed to do some soul-searching. I needed to make some BIG changes. Those changes lead me to Nichole Kelly and the team at SME Digital.

SME Digital truly embraces a “work anywhere” ethos – they don’t just allow employees to work from enjoyable locations, they encourage it. Their “replenish policy” is sheer awesome. Yes, they’ve got great clients. Yes, they put their money where their mouth is regarding “content is king” in digital marketing. But more importantly, I believe SME Digital will let me thrive and excel working from my strengths, instead of unintentionally punishing me for being different.

I’ve spent a long time working with a chip on my shoulder. I’m an introvert, not the typical “agency type.” I’ve worked hard to convince people I can accomplish just as much as a “normal” person. But I recently ran across this quote that sums up the problem with that attitude.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou.

One of my greatest strengths is that I work incredibly fast. At most companies, the “reward” for that is getting a lot more work piled on. Think about this: who gets the kudos at your workplace? The guy who brags about working 12 hour days, or the person who got a project quoted at eight hours done in five?

Unlike any of my previous job changes, I’m taking a week off in-between. (See? I can learn from my mistakes). Today is my last day with the OOHligans. They’re in amazing, excellent hands with Scott and Glenn, who I’ve genuinely loved working with these past few weeks. I’ll be spending a week with my family, relaxing and preparing for the whole new set of adventures awaiting us all. While it’s the current “big news,” this job change is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes I’m setting in motion.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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