Grooviness Inventory

I have a lot to be grateful for right now. TDO just called me because in the midst of his personal day from hell, all he could think about was hearing me tell him I love him. You just can’t put a dollar value on that, can ya?

I go to a church where they let me get up and sing in front of everybody, pretty much as often as I feel like it, and I get to sing whatever I feel like singing. They also give me the chance to write, direct, and act in skits as much as I like. And when I go there, I get lots of hugs, smiles, and positive affirmation.

I have a few close friends who know me well, understand me as well as could be expected, and who pray for me and support me.

I have a job where they let me create stuff and structure my time more or less however I want. I get off work in mid-afternoon every day. They give me lots of positive feedback and occasional free donuts.

Wow. I feel much better about life. šŸ™‚

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