Ghosts and demons

We all have ghosts from our pasts.

I had one jump up and spook me just today. It was a very old ghost, but it won’t seem to stay buried. Part of the problem is that it’s not really my ghost. It belongs to someone else. If the owner of this particular ghost were willing to unearth the body, claim it, name it, and give it a proper burial, it might go away altogether.

I think it is tired of haunting people. I think it would like to rest in peace. I think it would like to stop being disturbed whenever someone stumbles over its remains by accident.

Ghosts aren’t demons; things with fangs and claws that leech the life from you till either they kill you, or you kill them. Ghosts are just the shadows of things past. Sometimes, they’re the shadows of demons already dead. Ghosts only have the power to startle you, catch you off guard, take your breath away for a moment. You can usually dismiss them by shedding a little light their way.

It’s those bodies, though. The ones in shallow graves, with bleached bones peeking through the dirt, reaching out to trip the unsuspecting. The still, silent corpses leeching the poison that killed them into the ground water. Touching and tainting innocent bystanders, till they’re exhumed and reinterred in their proper place.

Even things that are dead and gone can be dangerous.

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