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    You are correct when you said that tithing is not a good sample sermon. Any single sermon is not a good sample. It took us about 8 samples to determine the best place for us. There are a couple of important things that it took someone else telling me after experiencing some frusteration with said “MegaChurch” in order to feel like it was the right place.

    1. You have to plug in. Everyone in the family has to. I was shocked when we plugged in as to how many people we see that we know amongst the masses when we both just plugged in. I missed the closeness of the smaller church, but once we got in a good small group, went on a mission, joined the respective groups for our roles (6-week strategic studies, mom’s group & video and men’s group) I found what I was looking for without feeling like I was running myself ragged. That is a nice thing about said “MegaChurch.” There are enough people to share duties. DH is only on video once every 6 weeks. He gets to do what he loves without having to be burned out with it.
    2. It is muoy helpful to find someone or somepeople to meet you to sit with at service. I think our pal, Lori, will agree (it was actually her idea) that when someone is counting on you to be at the Welcome Center at 8:45, you are much likely to be there. The accountability is nice. (Plus, then you have somebody to mull over the sermon with (not jugde or critique it) over brunch or lunch. Otherwise, you could disappear without anyone noticing. (Personally, I really don’t like that.) I need to be needed. Pitiful, I know.
    3. There is much more to said “MegaChurch” than good coffee and video games. Those are surface things. If you have the time to explore it said “MegaChurch” has something deeper to offer everyone. But if you don’t look for “it”, you will not find it.


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    🙂 Thanks for the input, D!

    I know there is a lot more to MegaChurch than those things, I was pretty much just tossing out some random first impressions (although good coffee counts for A LOT as far as I’m concerned 😉 )

    And the point you made about the blessing of getting to do what you love without getting completely burned out on it is one of the main reasons that we will be checking out MC. 🙂

    I suspect that a new church is like anything else new; first you make first impressions on surface stuff, then you slowly start to explore what’s there, and then gradually become more comfortable and can accurately say whether it’s a good fit for your family or not. It’s WAAAYYYYY too soon to know anything substantial at this point.


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    Hang in there for the ride. The whole experience can be frusterating and leave you feeling REALLY lonely if you let it (Ummm,. . . been there, done that.) Bathe it in prayer (which I know you are, and which you know we will be on your behalf) and be patient (OOOOHHHHH is that ever easy to write. 🙂 ) It’ll get figured it out. I’m just glad that your in persuit of spiritual happiness.

    First impressions do count for a lot as far as I’m concerned too. And the convenience factor is a huge one. Do I really want to drive 30 minutes in the blizzard? Hmmmmm… You’ll know when you find what you’re looking for.Good luck to you guys! Being happy is always good. 🙂


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