Getting Ready for PodCamp! (& Sharing about Oversharing)

So next weekend, on Saturday October 22, I’m heading to Cincinnati again. Well, technically, northern Kentucky, but it’s in the metro Cincy area in the same way that my small Indiana hometown is technically in the metro Louisville area.

I’m going to be attending (and presenting!) at PodCamp Cincinnati. My topic?  Separating the Professional from the Personal in Social Media… Or Not?

It’s a question I’ve had to wrestle with almost constantly for the last few years.

I’ve made an intentional choice to keep this blog personal, and not to devote resources towards building up a blog of my own on social media or internet marketing. This blog has pretty much always been my personal, non-professional ramblings about life, faith, writing and relationships. I blog about social media and internet marketing on employer blogs, or on group blogs that are intended to be resources by and for people in my industry.

My social media profiles are not as cleanly separated, but that’s also by design. Twitter is mostly a professional network, but I share personal items that show my humor and personality. Facebook is mostly a personal network, but I share work stuff there if I think it has a broader appeal.  LinkedIn is purely professional, but YouTube and Google+ (both of which I’m still just dipping my toes in) are complete mixed bags of digital potpourri.

I don’t want to post my whole talk here before I have a chance to give it at #PodCincy.  But if you’re in the area, it looks to be a great event.  At a mere $20, the registration is ridiculously inexpensive. The sessions look massively useful, and if you’re interested in stepping up your social media game, you’d just be silly to not attend.

While I’m comfortable presenting on my areas of expertise, I’m really selective about pursuing speaking engagements. So if you’re interested in getting my professional opinion, and aren’t quite ready to hire the digital marketing agency where I work, then this is your shot to pick my brain a little. Hit me up on Twitter–I promise, I really do exist in the “real world.”

If you’re not a “social media nerd,” how do you separate the personal from the professional in your life? Do you overshare personal stuff with your coworkers? Do you “bring work home” too often? Or do you feel like two entirely different people, depending on the context?


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    It’s a great question. When some of these things first popped up, I tried to understand them professionally by using them personally. When I started my blog, I didn’t put my name on it. Now it is all over it. When I joined things like Reddit years ago, I did it as me. But as I got more into the community, I decided to no longer be me, so now I post on Reddit as someone else.

    Facebook and Flickr and Youtube are all personal me. Twitter, LinkedIn and Slideshare are all professional me.

    In my new life, I’ll be less me online and more the entity where I’ll be working. That will confuse things even more.

  2. Kat French

    Hey, Matt. Been wondering how things are going with you. 🙂 I had a coworker say several months ago that he didn’t participate in social media on a personal level because he felt he needed the “objective distance” to work in the field. Which is diametrically opposed to my approach. Like you, I felt like coming to the different tools as a “normal” user was the best way to understand them; and I still feel like I need to work to maintain grounded in something approximating “typical” usage.

    Having posted online as a bra, a beach and a bottle of bourbon, I can definitely commiserate with your impending confusion. I think a little persona confusion is sort of par for the course. 🙂


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