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  2. Katherine

    You know another reason why you shouldn’t let children play this? It’s rated M, for Mature. We have a ratings system for a reason and with a generation of people who grew up on video game we are going to see more and more games catering to a mature audience.

    Some things you missed:
    There’s an option at one point to murder a child (who has a demon in them)
    There are SEVERAL opportunities to commit murder in cold blood and/or mercy killings with cutscenes
    There’s a brothel in the capital city where you can purchase sex and be involved in a three or four-some depending on different circumstances

    That said – the game doesn’t CENTER on these things. It is an epic tale of hard choices that you can make for the benefit of yourself or the benefit of others and your companions FREQUENTLY judge your actions – with a balance of some companions who are dyed in the wool do-gooders and others who are more morally ambivalent. It makes you think about what you choose and why that choice was good or bad in the long run is revealed at the end of the game.

    So, for adults or very mature older teenagers with more liberal parents, this is actually an extremely rewarding gameplay experience.

  3. Kat

    Katherine: Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Good point on the fact that, like Assassin’s Creed II, the game is clearly rated M.

    I actually specifically mentioned the brothel. While I didn’t specifically call-out the murders, I was trying to give a general gist of the type of inappropriate content without giving out too many direct “spoilers.”

    I agree that, for the adult gamer, it’s a very rewarding gameplay experience that makes every effort to force you to really address and think through the moral implications of your choices. (And I think that the resolution/end of the game was more thorough and satisfying than about any other game I’ve played).

    But it definitely earned that M rating, on all fronts.


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