Friends and Relatives and Food…oh MY!

It is apropos that I am still introducing the people of my little world this week, since all most all of them will be filing through my modest home either tonight or Friday. Why, oh why?

My darling mother passed away last December. On her birthday. Two weeks before Christmas. While I was quite rotundly pregnant. Mom was a pretty amazing person. Smart and creative, she “managed” us all quite as invisibly and magnificently as she managed her home. Mom was a homemaker in the best, truest sense of that word. Artsy craftsy, loving, understanding and practical, she was the hub around which our family orbited. And if my personal orbit was a bit more wayward and eliptical than the rest of the family, she overlooked it admirably. After a year of fighting vicious lung cancer, she just didn’t have any fight left. We miss her awfully. And that is a roundabout way of explaining that since Mom’s passing, the rest of our family, including my dad, my sisters, their husbands, and occasionally my wild and woolly grandparents, get together for dinner every Tuesday. We rotate cooking-and-hosting duties. And of course, tonight is our night.

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