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    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunny bride (TPB is one of my favorites too)
    2. My week has felt incomplete with out LOST.
    3. I am going to be spending the next hour reading all of the stuff you just linked-so that is what I am reading this week! 🙂
    4. Everything else is muted by Derby Haze.


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    My partner and I hosted a charity party for Lowcountry AIDS Services. Three friends joined us on Friday and Saturday and we turned out 15 German dishes, fed 115 people, and collected over $5,200 in donations. So what I’ve been reading are cookbooks, recipes, thermometers and timers. 🙂

    Soon I hope to get back to Michael Ruhlman’s “The Elements Of Cooking” and “Ratio”, as well as the Momofuku cookbook and “The Flavor Bible.” Oh, and I need to learn Ruby, Django, PHP, Python and Perl.
    .-= Charles Robinson´s last blog ..Dining With Friends 2010 recipes =-.


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