Friday is for Frying My Brain

I was going to review some fiction, but that’s not going to work out. Since it’s currently 107 degrees in scenic southern Indiana, my brain cannot cope with dissecting someone else’s story. I think the pug nearly spontaneously combusted when we let him out to pee.

I’m still planning on going to FandomFest tomorrow, so I should have some nice takeaways from that next week.

I had to restart my ghost story, because it was not scary. At all. I was shooting for The Shining and ended up with something more resembling The Odd Couple. The victim and the ghost were on the road to becoming cozy little buddies and starting a baking club together.

It’s better now, but I’m pretty much starting over from the beginning.

I’ve started using my commute to listen to writing and sci-fi/fantasy related podcasts. I love podcasts, I just haven’t made a habit of listening to them since LOST ended. Right now, I’m loving Writing Excuses.  I especially love their tagline: “Fifteen minutes, because you’re busy, and we’re not that smart.” I tend to agree that fifteen minutes is a great length for a podcast. I’ve heard other people say that 20-40 minutes is a good length, because it supposedly matches the average commute. But personally, I prefer a shorter, tighter format.

Also loving Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing. Lots of good stuff about the writing craft, as well as a lot of nice tips on publishing etiquette. Which is good if you’re like me and haven’t even mastered Normal Human Etiquette.

Lastly, I dig The Sword and Laser podcast, which covers all things science fiction and fantasy, and is associated with a reading group on GoodReads.

I keep trying to convince The Man to do a podcast with me. I want to call it When Nerds Collide, because we were both sort of hopelessly nerdy when we met and fell in love.  We were (and are) both into stuff like D&D,  video games, and science fiction & fantasy movies. Our shared nerddom has been a useful relational glue over twenty-plus years of marriage.  When we really get rolling discussing our geekier interests, it’s usually exceptionally funny.

So if you see him on Twitter, poke him in the ribs and tell him he should do a podcast with his wife.

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