Friday is for Fiction: Force of Habit

For some bloggers, Friday is for Food. Here at That Darn Kat, Friday is for Fiction.

The latest update on my own publishing adventures is that Bitter Cold is complete in draft, and off to Echelon Press for review, editing, et cetera and so forth. It’s still due to be included in Once Upon a Clockwork Tale next February.  Robin Dunn, another author in the project, dropped by the comments here to say “Hi,” which was very nice of him. If you’d like to meet Ella Grey, who’s contributing a steampunk version of The Wild Swans, you can find her on Twitter as ellagrey26.

I enjoyed working on Bitter Cold so much, I’m already planning two additional steampunk stories set in the same alternate North America, and based on classic fairy tales. More on that later.

I’ve been reading a lot more fiction lately as well, so I’ll be reviewing what I read on my Fiction Fridays here. Up today is my friend Marian Allen‘s “science fiction cop farce,” Force of Habit

I’m a Star Trek nerd from way back. According to Marian, Force of Habit started out as Star Trek fan fiction. She’s created her own unique spacefaring world in the finished work, but the tone, humor and general vibe of the story evokes the best of Star Trek’s lighter, campier episodes (it is a farce, after all).  The characters are charmingly, endearingly human–even when they’re technically not human. Unlike a lot of science fiction, you don’t get bogged down in the details of cool gadgets and advanced technology. In a science fiction tale, it’s refreshing to find a plot driven by timeless human foibles–greed, pride, foolishness, misunderstandings and bureaucracy–instead of doomsday devices, out of control robots, or runaway world-bashing meteors.

The pacing is brisk, gradually turning up the heat in the comedy of mistaken identity plot till you wonder how it’s all going to work out in the end. It definitely kept me engaged. I also really enjoyed the dialogue, both between characters, and their internal dialogue (which was often even funnier). I picked it up on the Kindle, and it was well worth the $.99 price.

Next week, I’m going to be giving you a two for one special on reviews. I just finished both The Chronological Man books by Andrew Mayne, and since they’re short and similar, I might as well review them both in the same post. After that, I may manage to persuade The Man to review The Hunger Games, since he’s read all three and I haven’t read any (because my sister is borrowing the first one currently. HURRY UP ALREADY, JEN!)

Whatchoo reading? Whatchoo writing? Whatchoo wanna read next? Whatchoo think I should read next? Drop it like a boss in the comments.

Have a great Easter weekend, y’all.

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    Thanks for the review, Kat! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. 🙂 ~dance dance~

    I can’t wait to read all your steampunk fairy tale stories. Woot!



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