For My Latest Trick, My Steampunk Stories Will Disappear!


I mentioned last week that I just signed a contract with a small press to re-publish Big Teeth, Blowhard, and Mirrors & Magic. I can now say that the publisher is 3 Fates Press, as well as their new Young Adult (YA) imprint, Line By Lion.

As part of that, they’re all going to be taken down from Amazon and the various other retailers, while they get a nice solid professional edit. They’ll be relaunched, probably early next year as stronger, better versions of these stories.

It was refreshing to have a small press not only offer a small advance to take over my self-published titles, but also present me with their plan to market my books. Of course I’m going to do my part to market and promote my work. I’m a marketing professional and I believe in my stories. But it’s a huge encouragement to have a small publisher being willing to put some skin in the game as well, with both the advance and the marketing plan. It makes me really excited to work with 3 Fates Press.

I’d really like to see how much better these books can be with more than my pitiful self-editing skillz. So I’ve decided to go ahead and take them down at the end of this week.

On my birthday, November 10, I’ll be removing Big Teeth, Blowhard and Mirrors and Magic from print and eBook. None of them will be available till after they’re edited and re-released under 3 Fates/Line By Lion.

So consider this fair warning. If you’ve been thinking about snagging some cheap Steampunk fairy tales before the holidays, now’s your chance. On my birthday, I’m waving my alchemical magic wand and POOF! all three are going to disappear for a while. 

Get ’em before they’re gone!


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