For God's Sake, Love Somebody Rich

My mom and my grandma both used to say the same thing when I was a little girl:

“Marry for love. But for God’s sake, love somebody rich.”

And then they’d laugh, because both of them married Kentucky boys who were poor as church mice.

I was thinking about that the other day as I was considering my somewhat meandering vocational path, and my vision for the future.

I read a recent post from 37Signals about why you shouldn’t follow your passion.

They’re not really saying “don’t do what you love for a living.” I think the real point is something similar to my mama’s sentiment about marriage.

Marriage and vocation are both commitments. Both are hard. Both require a lot of work.

And I don’t think you can truly be successful at either without love.

But you can love wisely. You can cultivate passion.

You can cultivate love and passion for things that are more pragmatic (and lasting) than a killer smile or serving a perfect latte to a smiling and appreciative customer.

Which might be money, or might be something entirely different.

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