Five Reasons I Love Culvers

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working remotely from southern Indiana a couple days a week due to #Shermageddon.  Most of the day, I’m working from home, since without the kids, it’s generally a wonderfully quiet, high-focus environment. But after a couple of weeks, I’ve learned that if I need to keep working after 4PM (and most days, I do), I need to be somewhere other than my house when the kiddos get off the bus.

Since there are no wi-fi spots in Palmyra, I generally head to Corydon. Sometimes I hit up Magdalena’s Cafe on the Square, but occasionally I’ll also stop by Culver’s.  If you’re not familiar with them, Culver’s is a burger chain based out of Wisconsin that features frozen custard, the “ButterBurger” (not nearly as Homer Simpson as it sounds–they just lightly butter and toast the buns), and cheese curds.

So here are five things I love about Culver’s:

  1. Free wi-fi.  I had to stop using at least one coffee shop in the area because the wi-fi was so unpredictable. So far, the connection has been rock-solid and PDQ at ye olde Culver’s. Also, the staff refrains from giving you the stink-eye for sitting in a booth for hours with an open lappy. So they get bonus points for letting you avoid “judgy-barista-staredown.”
  2. Ridiculously clean for a “fast food burger joint.” I don’t know if this is typical of all Culver’s, but the one in Corydon is generally immaculate. I quit going to McDonald’s to work earlier this year because the two I visited with wi-fi were always so filthy it made my skin crawl after a while.
  3. Really good salads for a burger joint. I mean, so-good-you-can-ignore-the-words “Butter Burger” salads.
  4. Cheese curds. Yes, I know if you’re not from Wisconsin, this sounds kinda gross. But it’s not. It’s like mozzarella sticks but less mechanically-shaped. And the marinara dip is pretty good as well.
  5. Even when it’s full of people, it’s somehow miraculously quiet. I’m not sure how they pull this off, but I have yet to experience the sound of an earsplitting toddler scream or a couple in the midst of an unofficial session of scream therapy. (Again–this is why I had to give up the Golden Arches as a viable workshifting locale.)
So I’ll probably return pretty soon.
For those of you who sometimes work remotely or “workshift” or telecommute… where are your favorite public places to work? OR–do you feel hesitant to share your secret awesome spot, for fear it will get overrun with other people?

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