Farewell and Godspeed, Miss June.

I am writing this post longhand, in a notebook, while sitting in my hammock swing (although if you’re reading this online or on your mobile, clearly I eventually typed it.) The reason I’m writing a blog post longhand from my front yard is two-fold. First, the central air is out at my house, making my shady swing much cooler than my living room. Second, after a pretty exhausting day, I’m hiding from my kids and apparently sweltering heat isn’t motivation enough to drag them away from video games and DVDs to play outside.

It’s incredibly peaceful here, swaying gently, and looking out across the fallow corn field that is my neighbor on one side. I could use some peaceful just now.

We lost a good friend of the family Friday night. Miss June was my husband’s best friend’s mom. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, she treated us like family and we will miss her.

That night, we went to the launch party for Over the Grave, the latest cd from our church’s music ministry. It was held at The Block, a venue that is part of Southeast Christian’s main campus. It’s an oddly… posh?… venue, apparently modeled after the Chicago House of Blues. But it was a beautiful venue with amazing acoustics, and we got the chance to visit with some good friends after the show.

The final song was one that isn’t on Over the Grave, but will be on the next volume of Sojourn’s Isaac Watts project. “Absent from Flesh” was still playing in my head later that night when we got the news that Miss June had passed, and it was richly appropriate. You can hear it in this video, taken at the Advance09 conference.

Sojourn Music “Absent From Flesh” Live 06.05.09 from chuck heeke on Vimeo.

“Absent from flesh, O blissful thought, what joy this moment brings.
Freed from the blame my sin has brought, from pain and death and its sting.
Absent from flesh, O glorious day, in one triumphant stroke,
my ransom is paid, my charges dropped, and the bonds ’round my hands are broke.
I go where God and glory shine, to one eternal day.
This failing body I now resign, for the angels point my way.”

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