Facebook: please stop force-feeding me new people.

Because this is my personal blog, I try not to post too much work-related “social media” stuff here, but this is really more a post about relationships, and specifically, managing relationships in the digital realm.

Since Facebook’s last round of sweeping changes, I keep missing posts from people I actually am friends with (because apparently, they aren’t important enough for FB to rate as “top posts”).

Meanwhile, I keep seeing random posts from people I don’t know, and haven’t friended or subscribed to because they’re sharing with “friends of friends.”  I suspect this is Facebook’s way of trying to coerce/encourage me to expand my network.  But I am pretty darn good at finding new and interesting people on my own. I really don’t want Facebook force-feeding introductions, especially if it makes me miss the fact that a good friend just discovered her daughter is having twins.

This puts me in the awkward position of  feeling like I may need to unfriend people, just because their noisy network is drowning out my own network.  Most people get on Facebook to reconnect with people they already know.  It feels incredibly intrusive, like someone blindfolded me and stuck me in a speed dating event.

I’ve tried manually subscribing and then unsubscribing from people who are popping up in my feed unwanted but really? What happened to Facebook wanting to give us more control?

I’ve noticed several colleagues mention recently that they’ve opted to make Facebook “personal only” in recent weeks. I’m beginning to think this ambient feed clutter (particularly among social media professionals) is what’s behind that.

Am I the only person experiencing this? Or incredibly annoyed by it?


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    I like the basic (original) Facebook concept but they seem hell-bent on driving us away. Dammit, I * may* have to develop an actual social life!

    1. Kat French

      Say it ain’t so, Jim! Not an actual social life? With real (and annoying) people?


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