Extreme Adventures, Kindergarten Edition

Every now and then, the smallest conversations overheard tell a whole, hilarious, story.

My sister, to her extremely adventurous 5 year old: Do NOT zipline off your bed!

My nephew: I know, mom, but every time I do it, it’s so fun!


Apparently, nephew had presented his parents the night before with blueprints for a treehouse. He was extremely detailed. The treehouse would have two rooms, one big and higher up, the other smaller and lower. A zipline absolutely needed to connect the two, and ideally, there’d be a slide from the lower treehouse to the ground.

For some kids, such a construction would sit unused in the yard. Not this kid. They’d be replacing the zipline for wear every few months.

Since apparently his construction permit got denied by the Parental Oversight Committee, he obtained some rope and a pulley and proceeded to attach it to his top bunk bed on one end, and the doorknob on the other.

These are the moments I really appreciate having relatively laid back kids.

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