Even More Exciting News at the Grey Cottage

So, at the beginning of the week, I announced that I just started a new “day job” at CafePress, as their digital operations manager. Now that it’s been a week, I’d just like to say that CafePress is an awesome company. Everyone has been over-the-top sweet and friendly. Also, starting a new job at an ecommerce company in the midst of the Christmas rush? KINDA CRAZY.

Which is why it took me a couple of days to post our OTHER big news. My husband Chris has accepted the position of Clerk/Treasurer in our hometown of Palmyra, Indiana. The town has been in the news because, well, it’s probably better for me to just post this:

So, yeah. A lot of drama going on in our small town.

We have friends who work for the town, either in the water utility or the town marshal’s office. After a lot of talking and prayer, Chris decided that applying for the position of Clerk/Treasurer was the right thing to do, for our family and our community. The Clerk/Treasurer has to live in the town limits, which consists of less than 600 adults at the last census. So the number of qualified people willing to take on the job, who could afford to do so at the salary they could offer? Pretty small. Chris has a lot of experience working in government or municipal jobs, dealing with the public, and keeping really good records, as well as some accounting experience.

So, between my new job, Chris’ new job (which will start later this month), and Josh playing Scrooge in the school play? It’s been a ridiculously hectic week.

I promise to get back to writing more interesting stuff next week, sans a bit of the “local color.”

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