Dinosaurs and Dragons, Oh My!


If you were subscribed to my Friday Free Reads email list, you would have received in your inbox a delightful, quick-read story about dinosaurs and the Department of Corrections last weekend.

But most of you are not subscribed to my Friday Free Reads, so you missed it. Which is a shame.

However, you can still sign up in time to get this coming Friday’s story. I spun the Story Starter to get the prompt for it. The fates decreed that I create for a story for everyone in the Steampunk style or genre, including Dragons, with a conflict or theme of Fated to Die.

It sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? The story is called “First Step’s a Doozy.”

If you do not sign up before Friday, you will miss it.

And you will be super sad.


    1. Kat

      It turned out really nice, if I do say so myself.


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